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"Nancy and I are still standing up to applaud yesterday's wonderful performance by you and your FLT partners at the Laguna Playhouse. Everything about the experience was superb--your voices, musicianship, informative journey through American folk music, fun banter, and touching reminders of those who have gone before.
Thank you!

Jim Miller 

"Having never heard of you or your music, I wanted to go for the nostalgia, but frankly, did not expect much. My jaw dropped after your first song!! I was mesmerized for the entire performance. We had front row seats, and I felt as though you were singing to us! The blend of your voices and the precison of your singing brings me incredible pleasure." 


Steve Sultanoff (Laguna Playhouse)

“Time both flies by and stands still when being entertained by artists of this level of excellence.  This is one of those rare groups that could sing the phone book…and there would be something worthy to listen to.”   
Steve Preston - Director, Writing Center, Darton State College (a division of Albany State College, Albany, GA)

"There are few musicians today that have been charged with saving a genre of music.  There are fewer yet that have the ability to do so. George, Rick and Jerry are accomplished in every facet of vocal performance and entertainment.  With the recent resurgence of 'new folk' it is only fitting that the Folk Legacy Trio be formed as the foundation to a new generation of folk lovers.”


Bob Poynton - The Lettermen

"I have often worked with Rick, George and Jerry separately over the years. The fact that they are very talented and true professionals has always been obvious. But even with this knowledge, I was still surprised at just how amazing they sound together. It's like their voices were made to blend on those harmonies. My audience adored the show and I have had many insist that I bring them back...which I most certainly will.”


Allan Kollar - Artistic Director, Venice Theater (Venice, FL)

"In these times of limited folk music venues, it is difficult to find seasoned performers who rise to the professional level that marked the great performances we all enjoyed during the heyday of the sixties folk music era. George Grove, Rick Dougherty, and Jerry Siggins, veteran folksingers with thousands of stage-hours among them, bring us the folk music classics we remember, and effortlessly transport us to a bygone era."


Art Podell - Greenwich Village expat (Art and Paul), Original member of The New Christy Minstrels, songwriter, radio host and columnist

The Folk Legacy Trio performed at the Rubicon Theatre to an audience who anticipated and expected a good performance, but got a great performance. Their songs matched our audience, and the quick sellout required an added performance. These guys delivered, and they succeeded in making new friends, not just new fans.


Jim O’Neil - Artistic Director Emeritus, Rubicon Theatre

“The Folk Legacy Trio is a terrific group in every way, three very talented individuals who blend to make music together in the tradition of the Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary, and other great artists from the Folk Era. They are real pros, easy to work with and sensitive to their audience. Thanks George, Rick and Jerry for a memorable evening at Oakmont Village. We already have you booked for a return engagement.


David Beach - Vice-President, Oakmont Life-long Learning, Santa Rosa, CA.”

"We did not anticipate how open, welcoming, kind, funny, conversational, and genuine they would be. They took time to educate our students, engaged authentically with our parents and audience, and delivered an extraordinarily beautiful, powerful and outstanding concert. We can't wait to host them again!"


Sarah Miller & Zach Walker - Watauga HS Theatre Department Directors

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