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our brand new CD!

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  1.  Power & Glory
  2.  The World I Used to Know
  3.  The Last Thing On My Mind
  4.  Kisses Sweeter than Wine
  5.  Early in the Morning
  6.  40 Year Old Waltz
  7.  Don't Think Twice
  8.  I Will
  9.  The Mermaid
10.  Teach Your Children
11.  Homeward Bound
12.  Circle
13.  In Green Donegal
14.  The Night I First Danced with You
15.  Pandanus

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Standing on the Shoulders

  1.  There's a Meeting Here Tonight
  2.  Green Green
  3.  Today
  4.  City of New Orleans
  5.  Jamaica Farewell
  6.  If I Had a Hammer
  7.  Let It Be Me
  8.  Early Morning Rain
  9.  This Land is Your Land
10.  Lemon Tree
11.  Power & Glory
12.  Standing on the Shoulders

To Order a CD...

Make out a check payable to:
the Folk Legacy Trio
for $23 (CD + shipping) and send to:
Folk Legacy Trio
1001 Mound Street
Alameda, CA  94501
Be sure to include your address!
Be sure to say WHICH CD you want!

Your CD should arrive within two weeks.

Any questions? Email me at:
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